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Welcome to Lingwood and the Burlinghams

Norfolk County Council-Norfolk recycling centres all set for hazardous waste amnesties   Details   HERE

Victoria’ s Festival   Details  HERE

Devolution presentation by the Chief Executive made at the Council meeting on devolution (28th June2016). Details  HERE   (11 pages)

UK Power Networks: new phone no.105   Details   HERE

Devolution Consultation - Plain English Guide for Councils and Residents   Details  HERE

Temporary Road Closure in the Parish of Lingwood and Burlingham (Gas) 8th-11th August 2016

Stranded animals along our coasts  Details  HERE

Footpath Report for 25/06/16   Details   HERE

Tell Lorne your views on crime and policing   Details   HERE

New opening arrangements at Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library  Details   HERE

Three Counties Devolution Explained   Details   HERE

Top tips to Stay WARM and HEALTHY in your Home   Details  HERE

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